All You Need to Know – Q&A

All You Need to Know – Q&A

• What do I need to get married in Florida?
You need a marriage license which is issued by the Florida courthouse. You need to apply in person and can get the license the same day if you are a foreigner or from out of state. Florida residents have to wait 3 days and the fee is $93.50. After the wedding ceremony, we will take care of filing the marriage license.

• Why should I pick Tie The Knot In Florida?
First of all, we have the experience of having been a part of over 300 beach weddings. We are easy going, friendly and always put the needs of our customers first. We meet the wedding couple beforehand to discuss details such as vows, music, marriage license, etc. and work with the best people in the business.

• Who will officiate the ceremony?
Joanna Holstein is a licensed wedding officiant in Florida. She is also a vocalist/musican and is specializing in singing during the ceremony, as well as marrying the couple. A unique and desirable combination. Read more about Joanna here.

• Which beach locations can I choose from?
You can choose between these two exotic locations: Fort Lauderdale Beach or North Hollywood Beach.


Most wedding couples stay in Fort Lauderdale and enjoy the close proximity. The beach in North Hollywood is more secluded and less populated, therefore another great option.
If you rather get married at a hotel or other location, this can be discussed. There might be additional costs associated with other locations.

• What is a sand ceremony?
This is a ceremony that signifies joining two lives to one. We use colored sand and sand from the beach where you will get married. You, your spouse (and the rest of the family) take turns filling the glass bottle which is yours to keep afterwards.

• What kind of pictures will the photographer take?
Our photographers are specialized and experienced in beach weddings, but your special requests are welcome. The photo shoot includes shots during the ceremony, the rings, guests, and more.

• How do I get my pictures?
Your pictures are sent to you digitally. There will be approximately 100 high resolution pictures, that you can download, save, and print as you desire. They are edited and can be retouched if desired. Read more>>>

• What songs are included in the ceremony?
You can choose songs from the following list.
If you want to choose your favorite song instead, an additional $50.00 is required per song.
Additionally, we will provide instrumental music both in the beginning and at the end. You can choose between these pieces.

• What if I want to add a musician?
We have contact with local professional musicians, just let us know what you need.

• Do I have to write my own vows?
No, we can send you recommendations beforehand, if you prefer. Wedding vows are recommended but you can also choose to skip them, it’s completely up to you.

• What time of the day and year is best to get married?
Florida is the perfect place to get married year around, because of the wonderful warm climate.
During summer months, we recommend after 4pm and evenings.
The Florida sun can sometimes be strong, so if we and the photographer can choose, a wedding some time between 2-6pm is the best. But that is of course up to you.

• What should I bring with me to the beach on my wedding day?
Always bring water to drink, and maybe some snacks, if you didn’t have time to eat a proper lunch on your wedding day. Don’t forget sunscreen and have the address to the beach handy, if you are driving.

• Can you recommend a hairdresser?
Yes, we have local knowledge when it comes to hair, makeup, restaurants, limo service, etc. Just ask us!

• What if I want a wedding planner?
We can recommend the best wedding planner in the area with local knowledge and expertise, just in case you feel you need extra guidance and help.

• What happens if it rains?
Rarely do we have to move the wedding ceremony inside because of bad weather. The Florida weather changes constantly, which is a good thing. But it’s always best to have a back up plan. You can always ask your hotel, if there is a room you can use in the worst case scenario. The wedding can often be postponed to later the same day or even the next day if all involved parties are available.