Many great restaurants

Many great restaurants

Many wedding couples ask for my advice when it comes to the dinner/reception after the beach wedding. Most of them have never been to Fort Lauderdale before and have absolutely no idea of where to go. I have compiled a list of restaurants here.  It’s very hard to pick, since there are so many wonderful venues in town. Naturally, it also depends on what kind of food and ambiance you prefer.

My absolute favorite restaurants are located on the water. If I only can pick 3  upscale places, I would say 3030 Ocean, Boatyard and Kaluz.  3030 Ocean is located inside Marriott Harbor Beach. They have a unique menu and that paired with a fantastic view of the ocean, is hard to beat.

Boatyard has a splendid ambiance, and is located on a canal close to the intracoastal. Reserve a table under the tree outside, you won’t regret it!

Finally Kaluz. It’s a very relaxed restaurant, which is famous for its food. Also beautifully located on the water.