The ever changing Florida weather

The ever changing Florida weather

The weather in Florida can be fickle, to say the least.

Even though the sun shines every day, the sky can suddenly turn grey. And its’ not fun to be attacked by heavy rain drops while you are performing a wedding at the beach. Not to talk about the poor wedding couple.

During my 8 years of beach weddings in Florida, we have only had to postpone 2 ceremonies. But a few times we changed locations beforehand, just in case.

When Åsa and Mats were going to get married last year, they were debating back and forth of what to do. The weather report talked about heavy rain: it was the month of June and rainy season.
Finally they decided to ask their hotel (Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort) if they could use the premises. No problem at all! It was an afternoon wedding and it never rained during the day, so we decided to do the ceremony outside, on the hotel’s round terrace with a panoramic view over the ocean. Everything turned out perfectly and right when we were finished, the sky opened up. 10 minutes later the sun was shining again and everyone was happy!